Here is what’s going on at this week:

Do you have a blended family?
On May 8th I’m sharing in a discussion at the SRJC about blended families in front of a class. I would love to have a few of you attend and share your story as well! If you’d like to join in, share your blended family story at

Deciding on Day Care
One of our moms is about to try and find a daycare for her child, and is really nervous about it. What are some tips you have about finding a daycare, and can you offer any suggestions for daycares in the area?

New Attachment Parenting group
A mom on the boards has started a new group for attachment parenting. If you practice AP and would like to connect with other AP moms who believe in co-sleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing, and the like, you’ll definitely want to check this group out.

LGBT families
Lauren is looking for other LGBT families to connect with. Come on over and say hello!

QOW: What if there were no school bus?
One school district is reducing the number of buses for before and after school. And several schools in the county have already done away with the bus system. How has this affected you? Would not having a school bus totally mess up your whole world?

The Village:

Girls on the Run
The positive running group for girls is about to finalize another session, ending the 12 week program with a 5K. Read about the group and the upcoming run on May 12th.

More Family Stories:

Camp time!
As we prepare for camp sign ups (going on now!), several moms shared their memories of camp in their childhoods. Read all about it, and then check out the extensive list of summer camps in our area.

Family Events

Lots going on this weekend! The Apple Blossom Festival is this weekend, and there are several Earth Day events going on throughout the county, including an Earth Day Party at the Environmental Discovery Center. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon