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The Preschool Institution – hate it or love it, but why so expensive?

Preschool. The word alone makes many folks shudder. Remember when preschool was just a fun, easy-going prep thing kids were sent to the year before kindergarten, as a sort of bridge to help them adjust to what it’s like to be in a school environment? These days, finding and getting your kid into a preschool can be downright traumatic. For some, it is war. A bloody war against other parents, other kids, preschools themselves, and against time. In this hilariously… Read More »

Would you let your teen study abroad for a year? I am, and I’m nervous

Up to now, my 16-year-old son, Christopher, a junior at Maria Carrillo High School has been on the normal track for college-bound teens. College visits. ACT and SAT tests. Some honors and AP classes. The works. And with that comes the other stuff – late nights studying, stress, competition to keep up, etc. But last fall he came to us with a plan to get off that path a little – and take one less traveled. (Forgive the Frost-y reference.… Read More »

Dining Out With Kids: One Mom’s Thoughts

I have always loved dining out and finding the new, undiscovered food gems in our area. When I got pregnant, I never really seriously considered that having a baby would get in the way of my food adventures. Of course I expected there to be a period of time where I just never really wanted to go out (in public… at all), but I never worried about my baby “getting in the way” per se. I also never considered the… Read More »

How to Give Your Baby a Dropper of Medicine in 28 Easy Steps

Does your baby have a fever? How about obvious teething pain, or a nasty cough? What if I told you it could all be easily relieved with just a couple of milliliters of candy-flavored liquid? Sounds too good to be true, right? WRONG! Here’s 28 easy-to-follow steps to soothe your baby with this sweet nectar of relief: 1. Get your sweet bundle of joy into a comfortable, not-at-all suspicious position. 2. Act normal. 3. Immediately nullify step 2 by smiling… Read More »

The Breast Opinion: Public Breastfeeding

“Mammal (n): any vertebrate of the class Mammalia, having the body more or less covered with hair, nourishing the young with milk from the mammary glands, and, with the exception of the egg-laying monotremes, giving birth to live young.” For some reason, something that is as natural and essential as can be is still a hot topic of debate. That’s right; we’re talking breasts. Breasts and what they do, and who sees when we do it. Folks, it is in the definition… Read More »

‘Star Wars toy controversy’ : Where are the female heroes in games and books?

. If you bought the latest “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Monopoly game, you would discover that two critical male characters are featured as game pieces – Kylo Ren and Finn – but the central figure, Rey, the female heroine, is missing. Rey, the most compelling of the new characters in the Star Wars series, also is missing from store shelves among action figures and other toys. Disney is scrambling to get Rey merchandise out there because of the firestorm… Read More »

The Darkness of New Motherhood

We got off to a rough start. I don’t know why I expected it to be easy after everything we’d already been through. I had waited for him for 7 1/2 years; after multiple failed rounds of infertility treatments, a drastic lifestyle and health change to bring me to my healthiest, by some miracle I was suddenly pregnant au naturale. After the shock and excitement passed, I can see now that early pregnancy is when it started to creep in.… Read More »