Do your kids spend their downtime plugged into a handheld device? Are they more into connecting with friends via video games than seeing them face-to-face? And how about you? Are you perusing your Facebook newsfeed or turning on the TV to unwind?

If this sounds like your family, you may be in need of a digital detox.

This Friday, March 4 at sundown is the start of National Day of Unplugging – 24 hours dedicated to putting down your handheld device, shutting the laptop, turning off the TV and detaching from technology so you can enjoy some unplugged fun. Spawned by a company named Reboot, this day of technology rest is held on the first Friday in March every year, encouraging people to sign an Unplug pledge and to start connecting with the world in real life, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

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Do you plan to take the pledge? If so, here are a few things your family can do this weekend instead of being plugged into your device, even with the rainy weather we’re expecting in Sonoma County.

1. Start writing that Great American Novel you’ve always dreamed of – with a pen and paper, of course. Wake up early Saturday morning and write before the kids wake up. Or let your spouse take over for a few hours while you get in some writing time at a nearby coffee shop. Every novel started with one beginning sentence, so start your way toward the masterpiece you’re meant to write.

2. Build an indoors fort. Gather all your blankets and living room furniture, and create a comfy castle with passageways and secret rooms.

3. Color with the kids. Have you seen those adult coloring books? Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them – they’re actually quite therapeutic. Or you can create a mural with butcher paper, spreading it across the table and letting everyone add their artistic touches.

4. Write a letter to a friend, your grandparents, a teacher or a relative. You know, the old-fashioned, snail mail kind. Tell them something fun that’s going on with you, or let them know why they’re important to you. Who knows, they may even write you a letter back, giving you the surprise of something nice coming in the mail among all your bills and advertisements.

5. Recreate one of your grandmother’s recipes. Dust off one of your old cookbooks and whip up something elaborate and gourmet, and full of home-cooked love.

6. Take a nap. Zzzzzz….

7. Play charades. Up the ante by challenging teams not to laugh at the charade performer.

8. Let the kids be the entertainment. Encourage them to create an original play and perform it for the whole family.

9. Make your own playdough. Try not to eat this sweet-smelling recipe.

10. Learn to do something new. Teach your child to knit. See how long they can stand on their head. Find out how to say “Thank you” in as many different languages as possible. Learn origami, how to fold a paper airplane, or have them teach your dog or cat a new trick. Teach them to tie their shoes or how to blow a bubble. Let them help you bake, filling your house with extremely yummy smells. Have them make up a game and all of its rules.

Are you planning to unplug on March 4-5? What are some other things you can do without technology?

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