There are many families who are in financially tight times right now and have been fortunate enough to supplement their income by receiving aid through a food stamp program called CalFresh. The amount of food assistance a family can receive depends on the number of people who live in the household, the level of income that household brings in, and what they are paying for rent and utilities. For example, a family with one single parent who receives $1900 a month in income and pays $1000 a month in combined rent and utilities might be eligible to receive $200 a month in food assistance.

Read my own personal story HERE.

If you are feeding your family with the help of a food assistance program, I would love to speak with you and possibly share your story of how you manage your meals each month to stay within a smaller budget.

Similarly, I would like to talk with families who do not live on food assistance, but are willing to partake in a Food Stamp challenge of living on $50 (at your own expense) for groceries for one week. 

If you fit in either one of those categories, please email me at with your contact information. Thank you!

(p.s.  only five families will be accepted for the Food Stamp Challenge.  Email soon to be included.)


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