So, does the name Patrice Wilson ring a bell? It might not. But maybe his protege Rebecca Black, the gal behind the song “Friday” does. You can thank Wilson for that song abomination, as he’s the one who wrote the song and produced it and the video. His company, ARK Music Factory, allows rich kids with lots of money to be able to get famous quick in the music industry by performing and starring in their own music video, something that was quickly established when “Friday” was heard EVERYWHERE, despite insistence that it was also the most hated song of 2011.

Well, Wilson has found fresh “talent” with Tweenchronic, two girls by the name of Alison and Stacey from Los Angeles. The girls fit the bill Wilson was looking for when he discovered them in a casting call. Thus, the girl group was born.

Tweenchronic’s debut video has the girls singing “Skip Rope”, teaching a new dance that’s actually kind of cute. Not cute is the obvious drug and alcohol references that permeate the video through substitutions of candy (pixie stix and friends) and Arizona ice tea. Even more not cute is the fact that one listen will have this song worming through your brain for the rest of the day.

With that said, take a listen at YouTube by CLICKING HERE and prepare to get “chronified”.

And I’m sorry, in advance.