Heather Irwin of BiteClubEats.com shared with me something exciting that she created for her family:  A Mission Statement.  After a little prompting from her brother in regards to what goals she had for her family, Heather felt the calling to sit down and really think about this.

What voice did she hope her kids heard above the noise pollution of the “can’ts” and “shouldn’ts”?  When her kids were out and about in the world, which values and beliefs did she hope they carried with them?  And what would they take with them when it was time to create their own families?

This is what she came up with:

Our Family Mission Statement
by Heather Irwin

1. YOU ARE PASSIONATE: Never give yourself to anything halfway and never be afraid to fail. Put your heart and soul into everything you do.

2. YOU ARE INTELLIGENT: You are smarter than the average bear. Now go do something with all those brain cells.

3. YOU ARE CREATIVE: Creativity is a state of mind. Dance, draw, write and express yourself in your own unique way, without fear.

4. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: In Ourselves We Trust. You are wonderful, and your family believes in you. So believe in you.

5. HUMOR IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS: Never take life too seriously. Always find the funny in the situation. Let yourself laugh. Don’t be afraid to tell a bad joke.

6. BE KIND TO OTHERS: Karma is the great equalizer. Treat people with kindness and kindness will be reflected back to you.

7. BE KIND TO YOURSELF: There are plenty of people who are happy to tear you down. Don’t be one of them. You are an amazing person, you are good looking, you have everything going for you.

8. DO IT NOW: Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it now. Get it done. Then pat yourself on the back.

9. MAKE A PLAN: You can’t build a house without a blueprint. Think about what you want. Write down how you plan to achieve it. Envision yourself accomplishing it. Before you know it, you’ll have succeeded in your goal.

10. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Always show up. Always be present. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You’re here for a reason, and you make a difference in everyone’s life.

What would you add to your own Family Mission Statement?

P.S.  When Heather first started her FMS, the thoughts and ideas at franklincovey.com/msb helped to get her on her way.