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Petaluma local, blended family mom to three teens, and author of a bunch of books. Crissi started blogging for the Press Democrat with Santa Rosa Mom in 2009. Now she continues with The Village, a place for families. Visit Crissi's author website at crissilangwell.com.

Who am I other than Mother?

Seriously? I forgot who I was, other than mother, when my daughter was young. But then again, I had a child with Special Needs....

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Taking control of your finances

Three things you can do right now to gain the upper hand with your money.

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Coping as a parent of a child with special needs

I was pulling my hair out. My daughter was 15 and in her room 99% of the time. I could not get her to talk to me, much less do anything with me. And I am a child and adolescent therapist! She ate only pasta, never exercised, called the out-of-doors a “foreign land” and never did any extra curricular activities at school. Yes, she had difficulties, but I was drowning in guilt, depression, and alienation from my friends with typical children....

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Gift ideas for penny pinchers

This year I warned the kids that their gift budget for the holidays is going to be smaller than past years. But truth be told, they'll still be blessed with lots to open Christmas morning. It's nothing like a few of the single-mom Christmases I've had in the past. There’ve been some years when I saved all year long and still had barely enough to make Christmas special....or so I thought. It seems some of our poorest years were actually our most special as more meaning was put behind family and all we are blessed with rather than what we received off our Christmas lists. I know there are plenty of families in tight spots as the holidays loom. It can make the season of giving seem pretty unfriendly. But there are ways to get around this. Here are six ideas to help you save a few dollars and ensure a very merry holiday season.

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Free holiday movies

Five movie theaters are showing a free holiday movie all day long on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

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8 ways to get through the holiday blues

If you find more reasons to dread the holidays than to celebrate them, you're not alone. But you don't have to suffer, either. Here are a few tips on how to get through this month, and maybe even find a reason or two to smile.

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Stocking stuffers for pre-teens and teens

In our house, stockings are just as exciting as the bigger gifts - even in the teenage years. But what the kids don't realize is that I struggle with what to fill them with every year! So this year I enlisted the help of a few Facebook friends, and together we came up with this list of items that teens and tweens might love.

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Un-spooky fun for little ones

The ghosts and monsters come out to play when Halloween draws near. But the littlest goblins are too afraid to uncover their eyes when things get a bit too creepy. Here are a few un-spooky, family-friendly events happening this week.

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Even pretend weapons can be dangerous

A 13-year-old boy shot and killed after being spotted with a replica gun is a tragic lesson for all parents and teens.

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Choosing to trust my teenager

Trust. It's a hard word to swallow when your daughter is 15.

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