The Disney merchandising machine has produced every conceivable tie-in product from the Toy Story potty seat to the Cinderella high heel sneaker slipper.

But a Kenwood mom found one item that was somehow overlooked by the voracious Disney marketers: a simple guidebook to The Magic Kingdom written just for kids.

disneylandKelly Pope Adamson drew on her experience as a pre-school teacher to produce “D is for Disneyland; The Unofficial Kids’ Guide to the Happiest Place on Earth.”

“There are a lot of Disneyland guides out there. But I’ve never seen one geared toward a younger audience. Since Disneyland is for families with kids, I thought that was a pretty huge gap,” she said.

The 30-year-old mom, who has her degree in English and creative writing from Sonoma State, drew on her expertise as a pre-school teacher to come up with an easy reader with photos, laid out in alphabetical order listing the different attractions by type, thrills, scariness and height requirements so kids can plan their own itinerary with their parents’ help, well before their trip to the park.

The book includes pictures of the various attractions and rides and a brief description in rhyme. It also includes some old attractions that are no longer there to introduce kids to some of the history of the park.

The book is geared to children from pre-school to 12. Parents can read it to tots while older kids can read it themselves, she said.

Adamson has been a Disneyland devotee her entire life, making her first trip while still in the womb. Her mother has a tall tale about giving birth to her while slipping off King Arthur’s Carousel.

Her own daughter, Cambria, is only 8 months old, but has already been initiated into the park culture. She made her first trip at 4 months old.

Isn’t a four-month-old too young to enjoy The Magic Kingdom? Not according to Adamson, who says infants can be carried on many rides and can still delight in the sights and sounds.

“My favorite moment was when she saw Mickey Mouse for the first time. She actually started giggling,” Adamson said. “It was the first time she ever laughed. She grabbed his nose and kissed it and wouldn’t let it go. It’s memories like that that I want all families to have with their kids.”

The 112-page book  is available for $12.95 at Amazon, or through the publisher Themeparkpress.com. Amazon also has a Kindle version for $2.99.


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