This year I’ve been thinking of some ways to give meaningful gifts to those I love, and still not spend a fortune. Here are a few of the ideas I’ve come up with:

Cozy night in: Stitch a hem on a pretty piece of fleece and include a favorite book and a package of herbal tea.

Gift a memory: Place a favorite photo of you and the person you’re gifting into a pretty picture frame, and include a note as to what this photo brings to mind and why you love the person you’re giving it to.

Share your music: I don’t care how old you are, each of us have eclectic taste in music. Give your friends a listen to something they may never have heard of otherwise.

Fun idea for the kids: Hold a treasure hunt for their presents. Draw a map that leads to a gift and a clue. Have that clue lead to another gift and a clue, and so on until the very last gift is found.

Gifting for a group on the cheap: Have all your friends come over with ONE present, wrapped and unmarked. Then play a pirate gift exchange – everyone draws for numbers from a hat. Person #1 chooses the first gift and unwraps it. Person #2 has the option of stealing that gift or choosing another from the table. Person #3 has the choice of stealing either gift #1 or #2 or choosing from the table. Those who’s gift has been stolen can either steal from someone else (except from the person who stole from them) or choose from the table. And so on until the very last person has a gift. Presents can be anywhere from really cool to totally hokey. It helps if you set a dollar amount beforehand to ensure no one feels gypped.

What are some gift ideas you have to save money but still hold meaning?

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