Summertime fun and this weekend’s family events

Places to camp, fun things to do during the summertime, and family events happening this weekend.

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Recap: Teenager’s newborn photo session

A mom recreates her adopted son's newborn moments on film, family events happening this weekend, and a last minute guide to Valentine's Day.

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Recap: Rules every parent should break

This week we talked about those parenting rules that are meant to be broken from time to time, our kids' annoying habits, the going rate for sitters, and more.

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Recap: Activities for bored kids

Things to do when your child is bored, some tips on healthy snacks, this weekend's family events, and more.

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Recap: Indoor fun

You'll definitely want to check out this week's SantaRosaMom.com recap for some ways to have fun indoors.

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Recap: Places to play indoors

This week we've found fun to be had indoors with the kids, we're bragging about our talents, and we're making and keeping our goals for 2013.

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Recap: Holiday happenings, cheap gifts, and more

Hold onto your hats, this has been a busy week at SantaRosaMom.com. Here's a recap of all that's happened this week.

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Recap: Looking for Santa

Family events, a Sandy fundraiser, and a call out for our upcoming Santa Guide.

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Recap: Gone fishing.

A note about my upcoming vacation, as well as where your family should be this weekend - including a rally of vintage RVs, the Harvest Fair, and a monster free kids night at a local haunt.

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Recap: Back-to-school bargains

From dating your spouse to saving money on school clothes, plus a whole bunch of great events this weekend, here's our recap of SantaRosaMom.com!

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