5 cheap gift ideas

This year I've been thinking of some ways to give meaningful gifts to those I love without spending a fortune. Here are a few of the ideas I've come up with.

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8 ways to get through the holiday blues

If you find more reasons to dread the holidays than to celebrate them, you're not alone. But you don't have to suffer, either. Here are a few tips on how to get through this month, and maybe even find a reason or two to smile.

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Stocking stuffers for pre-teens and teens

In our house, stockings are just as exciting as the bigger gifts - even in the teenage years. But what the kids don't realize is that I struggle with what to fill them with every year! So this year I enlisted the help of a few Facebook friends, and together we came up with this list of items that teens and tweens might love.

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Recap: Holiday tips, Santa sightings, and more

Get holiday recipes and craft ideas, find out what the best toys are this year, and discover what family events area going on this weekend.

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Where to find Santa

The big guy is making the rounds throughout Sonoma County. Here are a few places he'll be in the days leading up to Christmas.

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