Santa’s Lap – Next Year I’ll Do It Myself

The face I caught vs. what the photographer captured... For the last few weeks, each day has brought a slew of kids-on-Santa’s-lap pictures to my various social media news feeds. Some are sweet and picturesque; most are just downright hilarious as tantrum after tantrum is captured and shared [...]

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Did your Christmas tree-shopping experience fall short on the Hallmark scale? Mine too

I once had a Waltons-type perspective on what getting a Christmas tree should be like. You know, the family dressed in flannel venturing off into the evergreen forest to surround a single majestic arbor which is felled with a few swift ax blows and carted away by siblings singing carols [...]

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The Elf on the Shelf is watching you

Is he Santa's Little Helper or is he a threat to your child's future autonomy? Weigh in.

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Closing gates at low-cost colleges

Scrolling through my Facebook feed last night I stumbled on a story about a couple that was up to their eyebrows in debt for their son’s college education. We’ve all read these before. They were in so deep retirement was only a dream. Their son, with a communications degree, worked [...]

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Will you be home for Christmas? – Viral video reminds us about family

In my teen years, I often would ride my bike go over to my grandparents’ house to mow their lawn and do small chores. My grandmother, a strong Swede in her late 80s at the time, was always so appreciate that she would roll out a full meal whether I [...]

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Light A Fire: Raising Kids In A Scary World Isn’t Easy

How can parents talk to kids about the scary world we live in without raising them in fear? Writer Stephanie Ansley takes on that question...

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When your teen goes viral on YouTube – What would you do?

How would you react if you saw your son featured on a video that had gone viral of him being scolded by a Napa resident for allegedly driving recklessly with a carload of friends through a neighborhood en route to school?

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10 ways to unplug from technology

Here are a few things you can do to occupy your time when you're not plugged in to your device.

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50 things for your teenager’s Easter basket

When you think of Easter baskets, you probably think of young toddlers running out to see what the Easter Bunny has left for them. But what about teenagers?

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One of Santa’s helpers is only 15-years-old

Analycea Miranda enlisted family and friends to create a brighter Christmas for 14 Sonoma County families.

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