Single moms get the worst sleep of all

According to a study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, single parents of kids under the age of 18 get the worst night’s sleep out of everyone. Topping that list at a whopping 44% are single moms. Making this study even more interesting is that among married parents, dads are the ones who get less sleep than moms do. Looking back to my single mom days, I can’t say that this study surprises me.

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Father upset over airport pat-down of 10-year-old daughter

Here's a link to a NBC San Diego report about a father who’s livid about how his 10-year-old daughter was subjected to an extensive pat-down search while going through a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at North Carolina's Raleigh-Durham International Airport on New Year’s Day. Apparently she was singled out after [...]

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Parenthood Has Turned Me Into A Sap

Just hand me a bucket. Yesterday, while puttering around the house putting away the last of the Christmas decorations, my husband stuck our son in his Excersaucer and starting flipping around for something to watch, eventually settling on Pooh's Heffalump Movie as background entertainment. I know I've seen it in [...]

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How Much is Too Much At Christmas?

Merry Consumerism Holiday! With Christmas mere days away, the conversation around how much is too much for our kids on Christmas has come up with multiple close friends and new-mom acquaintances alike. In our house, we haven’t had to focus on this too much as of yet. Our [...]

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Where does ‘The Force Awakens’ rank among the Star Wars films for you?

My family and some long-time friends waded through the lightsaber-carrying masses – Jedis, Rebel Alliance pilots and Wookies among them – to catch a 7 p.m. screening of the new Star Wars movie last night at the Reading Cinemas Rohnert Park 16. “The Force Awakens” appeared to be playing on [...]

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The Hottest Toys for 2016

2016 Specialty Toys of the Year Nominees The 2016 Toy Awards are upon us, and the contenders have been unveiled for voting. For this post, I specifically looked at the contenders for the Specialty Toy Awards. This Mama's Winners: 1. Boogie Board Play'N'Trace Doodle Pad  by Kent Displays, [...]

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When schools are closed for an email threat, do terrorists win?

So someone from Frankfurt, Germany – or someone just using a Frankfurt server - sends a 360-word amateurish email to schools in Los Angeles and New York threatening a possible terrorist attack and it not only results in the closure of 1,100 schools in L.A. but it makes front-page news [...]

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Santa’s Lap – Next Year I’ll Do It Myself

The face I caught vs. what the photographer captured... For the last few weeks, each day has brought a slew of kids-on-Santa’s-lap pictures to my various social media news feeds. Some are sweet and picturesque; most are just downright hilarious as tantrum after tantrum is captured and shared [...]

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Did your Christmas tree-shopping experience fall short on the Hallmark scale? Mine too

I once had a Waltons-type perspective on what getting a Christmas tree should be like. You know, the family dressed in flannel venturing off into the evergreen forest to surround a single majestic arbor which is felled with a few swift ax blows and carted away by siblings singing carols [...]

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The Elf on the Shelf is watching you

Is he Santa's Little Helper or is he a threat to your child's future autonomy? Weigh in.

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