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How Much is Too Much At Christmas?

With Christmas mere days away, the conversation around how much is too much for our kids on Christmas has come up with multiple close friends and new-mom acquaintances alike. In our house, we haven’t had to focus on this too much as of yet. Our only child is 8 months old; he’ll be thrilled with little more than the wrapping paper and boxes discarded from everyone else’s gifts. However, I feel like I’ve already had the “conversation” with his grandparents… Read More »

The Hottest Toys for 2016

The 2016 Toy Awards are upon us, and the contenders have been unveiled for voting. For this post, I specifically looked at the contenders for the Specialty Toy Awards. This Mama’s Winners: 1. Boogie Board Play’N’Trace Doodle Pad  by Kent Displays, Inc. – I love the endless possibilities of this toy. From imagination-to-pad doodling, to practicing homework, tracing favorite drawings and shapes, to outlining their BFF’s face… there are so many things to be done with this. Major kudos for… Read More »

Santa’s Lap – Next Year I’ll Do It Myself

For the last few weeks, each day has brought a slew of kids-on-Santa’s-lap pictures to my various social media news feeds. Some are sweet and picturesque; most are just downright hilarious as tantrum after tantrum is captured and shared for all to see. This weekend, we made tentative plans to take our 8 month-old son to see Santa Claus for the first time. However, I grew increasingly anxious about this little trip. It’s like a Christmas right of parenting passage, isn’t… Read More »