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10 ways to unplug on National Day of Unplugging

Do your kids spend their downtime plugged into a handheld device? Are they more into connecting with friends via video games than seeing them face-to-face? And how about you? Are you perusing your Facebook newsfeed or turning on the TV to unwind? If this sounds like your family, you may be in need of a digital detox. This Friday, March 4 at sundown is the start of National Day of Unplugging – 24 hours dedicated to putting down your handheld… Read More »

Why Checking Out Once A Week Has Made Me A Better Mom

We have a deal. Tuesday afternoons, when my husband walks in the door at around 4:30, I have the option of walking out the door and not coming back until whenever the heck I feel like. It is my “night off.” I don’t always choose to take it, but I often do. Even if it’s just for an hour and all I do is go to Target by myself. My husband has the same option on most Thursdays, but often… Read More »

When to let your kid stay home sick from school

We’ve all seen it. The droopy eyes. The down-turned mouth. The slouching posture. The “I don’t think I can go to school today” pout. You prompt your child to get ready for school and then see how they feel. They pick at their cereal and insist they’re dying. You wonder how many sick days you have left so they can stay home with you, once again. You aren’t certain they’re telling the truth, but you also don’t want to be… Read More »

Kid’s Birthday? For Once, I’m Not Gonna Jump on the Crazy Train

The countdown has begun: In just 33 days, my baby turns 1 year old. Whaaat?! I’m pretty sure I just found out last week that I was pregnant, so there’s no way I’m about to have a one year-old. Alas, it’s true, and the party-planning has begun. Once upon a time, I probably would have planned every detail and gone over every bit of the plan ad nauseam with everyone involved. But truthfully, this kind of snuck up on me.… Read More »

Hey Doc: What the Heck Ever Happened to Bedside Manner?

We’ve all had that one doctor, whether its our regular MD or someone we saw for a rush appointment while our own doc was in the Bahamas. Y’know, that doctor that seems to know everything about everything, except they seem to have forgotten all knowledge of beside manner and dismissed any pretense of empathy or kindness. I’ve recently heard a slew of horror stories from several mom friends and other acquaintances, from having an over-zealous doctor completely mis-diagnose a dark spot… Read More »