Your kid’s childhood is passing you by, right before your very eyes. And trust me, if you don’t record those precious moments, you WILL FORGET THEM. This is coming from a bad mom who cannot be certain what her second child’s actual first word was…

Thing is, who has the time to grab the baby book and get it all down in there? My daughter’s baby book shows a valiant effort in the first year of her life to keep a record of all her milestones and our happy memories of that precious time.  But after that? The pages show more white space as they go on.  And my son’s baby book? It’s almost completely bare.

I refuse to feel too guilty about this because, after all, I was too busy creating memories with my kids to be able to write every detail down.  But still, I wish I had jotted down some of those memories.  Now that my kids are 15 and 12, many of those memories are muddied between the two of them, or totally gone forever.

This lack of childhood memories and baby book failings is not an uncommon problem.  In fact, two Santa Rosa moms were so miffed by this dilemma that they decided to do something about it.

Hence, MemorEbook was born.

Kelly Kane and Elizabeth Miller

Together, Kelly Kane and Elizabeth Miller (the moms behind MemorEbook) developed a FREE iPhone app that allows busy parents on the go to still be able to grab these precious moments and store them in their phone, and also be able to share milestones and memories with friends and family.  It’s incredibly easy to use, and convenient to be able to capture moments – whether they be through journaling, photos, voice recording, or even video. You can also add notes to each photo or video to know what was going on at the time it was captured.

But let’s say you miss an event that your child is at, like when they go on a class trip and you can’t chaperone? The MemorEbook app allows you to connect with other parents and privately share photos so no one has to miss out.

The features of the app include:

✔ Chronicle memories in various formats including photos, video, voice recordings, online newspaper clippings and notes
✔ Privately share with 50 family and friends
✔ Two people can share one account
✔ Access memories from missed events with the memorExchange
✔ Automatically uploaded in chronological order
✔ Each memory can be made private so it’s only visible to you
✔ Reminisce without the “here’s what I’m doing now” clutter found on social media sites

I recently downloaded this app to my iPhone and tested it out, and was amazed at how easy the features were to use, and how nice the design of the app looks. I encourage all busy parents to download this app to their phone, and never be caught forgetting memories again!

For more information on MemorEbook and how to download, visit