364 days out of the year, it’s expected of mom to manage the household and keep things in order. But on Mother’s Day, moms are waking up to homemade cards and breakfast in bed from their kids.

Moms love these special sentiments of appreciation. However, there’s something she wants even more.

A break.

We moms love our kids with all our hearts. But sometimes the endless supply of questions, the sibling rivalry, the runny noses, the interrupted bathroom time, the inability to finish even one sentence in the book we wish we could read…it’s just not as adorable as it was the first few hundred times.

So whether it be today, or sometime soon in the future, gift the mom in your life a whole day off to feel pampered and relaxed.

Here are some ideas to get you on your way.

Give Mom the gift of beauty. When Mom’s social obligations revolve around nap times and gourmet meals of Cheerios, feeling pretty rarely makes it to the top of her list for the day. Change that by treating her to anything from just a simple haircut to a full spa package that includes a manicure and pedicure. It’s a Date at the Powder Room, a salon in Santa Rosa, offers hair services, nail care, and waxing from a group of highly trained stylists. Contact The Powder Room at 537-7968, or visit their website at sonomacountyweddingmakeup.com.

Let Mom relax for the day. Chasing kids around all day isn’t exactly the picture of relaxation. But a massage? Now we’re talking! Soulstice Spa (soulsticespa.com) in Santa Rosa uses soothing botanicals infused with potent antioxidants for a youth enhancing massage. Soft Shell (softshellpetaluma.com) in Petaluma meets every relaxation need, from deep tissue massages that will make Mom’s muscles feel like putty, to deep pore facials to give Mom back her glow. Osmosis Day Spa (osmosis.com) not only offers therapeutic massages, but are famous for their cedar enzyme baths. This experience will have Mom relaxing in a tub filled with a blend of Japanese cedar, rice bran, and plant enzymes as she overlooks the private Japanese Tea Garden.

Take Mom out of the kitchen. If you’re an excellent cook, you can relieve Mom of her dinner duties by putting together a spread fit for a queen. Or, if you’re cooking skills leave something to be desired, you can order in. One great resource is Ruthy’s Real Meals, a home delivery service in Rohnert Park that is perfect for busy moms. Every week offers a new farm fresh menu that Ruthy has deliciously put together. Call 888-0128, or visit ruthysrealmeals.com to see what’s being cooked up this week.

Clean the house. The biggest gripe of most moms is about how messy the house gets in such a short amount of time. It never fails, the moment mom moves on to the next room to clean, a tornado is following closely behind her to mess up all the work she just did. To have the house cleaned for her could possibly be the best gift you could give her. There are two choices with this option – you could clean it yourself, or you could hire a professional to do it better. Simply Made Home will not only have your home sparkling, but strives to use earth-friendly cleaning products and washable or recycled material to clean with. Call them at 509-8725 or visit their website at simplymaidhome.com.

For a list of upcoming Mother’s Day related events, check out the Press Democrat’s calendar HERE.  And Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

P.S. Don’t forget that this Thursday is Mom’s Nite Out!  Put dad in charge of the kids and enjoy an evening of beauty treatments, shopping, a fashion show, and more at Coddingtown Mall from 5-7 p.m.  CLICK HERE for more information.