Danny and Peter found their adopted son in the most unconventional way – on the subway.

It was Danny who found him, a bundle so small abandoned behind the turnstiles of the subway station that he thought it was a doll. But instead, it was a one day old infant, so new to the world that its umbilical cord was still attached. He called 911, then called Peter, frantic because nobody was coming.

“I called 911, but I don’t think they believed me. No one’s coming. I don’t want to leave the baby alone. Get down here and flag down a police car or something.”

Help eventually did arrive, and the family court took custody of “Baby ACE”, the baby’s nickname since he was found at the A/C/E subway. Three months later, as Danny gave his account of finding the baby to the judge overseeing the case, she turned to Danny and asked the most unexpected question:

“Would you be interested in adopting this baby?”

The courtroom was stunned. They were even more stunned when Danny didn’t even hesitate before saying yes. But no one was more surprised than Danny’s partner, Peter, who hadn’t even been consulted about adopting a baby, and who admits to putting the “jerk” in knee-jerk with his reaction. They had never discussed adoption in the three years they’d been together, their financial situation wasn’t exactly the best, plus there were the challenges of adopting as a gay couple.

In the end, however, it was realized that fate was handing them a son, and they were unable to argue with that. When they held the fragile baby for the first time, they realized they were bonded to this baby boy, and nothing could change that.  They spent their first Christmas with the boy – renamed Kevin – just days after the court date, and the next 12 months as his foster parents before the adoption was complete.  And about 10 years after they adopted their son, Peter and David tracked down this same judge who made them a family, and asked her to be the officiant at their wedding.

Their story was shared in the NY Times by Peter Mercurio, David’s husband. He has also turned their story into a screenplay called “Found (a True Story)”

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