A concerned aunt is told to mind her business over her niece’s questionable behavior on the internet, a mom shares the message she’s teaching her infant daughter, and where you can watch fireworks this next week.  It’s all in our SantaRosaMom.com recap!

Questionable teen behavior on Facebook
One of the gals on the site has been really concerned about the behavior her teenage niece has been exhibiting on Facebook. Yet when she mentioned her concern to the teen, she was instantly unfriended, and her husband informed her it was none of her business. Is it here business? Should she have gotten involved? What’s your advice?

Important message for daughters
A mom shares how she is building up her daughter’s self-esteem, starting in infancy.

Pros and cons of Flouride Drops
A doctor suggested that Amy start her 9-month old daughter on flouride drops. But this seems really young to her. She’s looking for parents with opinions and information on giving these to babies.

Hallberg Butterfly Gardens
One of our moms shares the story of her family’s recent fun at the gardens. It sounds like a really great place to take the kids!

Minnesota Judge’s strong words for divorcing parents
An oldie but goody has been circulating the web regarding a judge who bluntly reminded parents that kids are affected when they verbally slam the other parent.

The Village

Family Mission Statement
One of my friends came up with a Mission Statement for her family, writing out all the things she hopes her kids carry with them as they grow and assert their independence. My very favorite statement: “BE KIND TO YOURSELF: There are plenty of people who are happy to tear you down. Don’t be one of them. You are an amazing person, you are good looking, you have everything going for you.” Read the rest of what she wrote, and then share what you’d include in your own family’s Mission Statement.

Teenage Jekyll & Hyde
There is not much that is as equally comical as it is frustrating as the intense highs and lows of a teenager’s moodswings. Have teens? Come commiserate with me over this highly volatile time in a teenager’s life.


With the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday this year, there will be fireworks displays going on all week long. Check out some of the parties going on in and around Sonoma County, and where you can catch the brilliant show almost every day this next week.

Mom Walk
Did you know that every Friday is reserved for members of SantaRosaMom.com to go for a walk around Spring Lake? It’s really become the perfect way to start the weekend while getting to know new friends. We’d love to see you there with us!