Bravery comes in so many different forms. For 8-year-old Henry Kastner, it came from his friends.

At the beginning of the year, the Ohio 3rd grader found a lump on his head and was given the terrifying news that he had Lymphoma, a kind of cancer. To conquer the disease, he had to go through surgery to remove the tumor and then chemotherapy.

That’s when his whole 3rd grade class stepped in.

Because Henry had to lose his hair, the rest of his class at Immaculate Heart of Mary School decided they would shave theirs too. They formed the “Buzz Cut Club” and gathered at a shaving party where they each took on the bald look Henry was already sporting, dubbing it “The Henry”. Now when Henry comes back to class, he won’t feel like he’s standing out because he will look just like everyone else. They are also wearing bracelets that have the words “No One Fights Alone“.

Check out the heartwarming video of Henry and his classmates.